'Who Are We Living For' Silver Vinyl 'Who Are We Living For' Silver Vinyl

'Who Are We Living For' Silver Vinyl

Silver Vinyl + MP3 Download
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    Track Listing:
    1. Everybody Clap
    2. Open Up
    3. Just Like Larry
    4. Time Served
    5. Even
    6. Passerby
    7. Carry You
    8. D-Bits
    9. How Now
    10. Lightening
    11. Granite
    12. Prince Of Spades
    13. Parade Speed
    14. Headlights 
    15. Blood
    16. 10 Ft., 5 Ft., Bag 'Em
    17. Douggie Mayu's
    18. Gone (CD / mp3 Only)
    19. Spades (Acoustic - CD / mp3 Only)
    20. Bulls On Parade (Cover - CD / mp3 Only)
    21. 5/4 (CD / mp3 Only)

    Vinyl Details:
    •180-gram silver vinyl
    • Pressing of only 650

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